A couple of us friends run a swap meet for custom motorcycles in Sacramento called the NorCal Cycle Swap. We grew up off roading back trails in San Bernadino and the Sierras, racing, pitting and chasing in Baja, even driving tanks in the Marine Corps. On a dual sport trip last summer in Baja we got to talking about how the off-road community needs an event like ours so people can clean out their garages and shops and pass on used parts to the next guy who’s struggling to complete a project. Swaps like this are a great place for brands like our sponsors to set up a booth, show off their craft and communicate directly with their real-life customers. So it's as much an Expo as it is a Swap Meet. Our goal is to see the this event grow into a hub for local enthusiasts, whether they are hard core racers, weekend crawlers, dirt bike riders or dunes campers. (Plus we wanna score some good deals ourselves of course.) Thanks for giving us a shot and we look forward to hanging out with you.

Bill, Otto & Jeremy